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 The department of ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (EEE) has been playing a pioneering role in producing scientists and technologists of good caliber. EEE department is to create talented and socially responsible engineers to make a better India and, in turn, a better world.

 Electrical Engineers design systems that generate, transmit and distribute electricity. Electronics engineers design electronic devices which perform computation, communication, or control of robots and machines. Electrical and Electronics engineers work with technologies ranging from large power lines and generators to tiny integrated circuits containing billions of transistors.

 The department has well-equipped laboratory facilities for the students such as Electrical Machine Lab, Basic Electrical and Network lab, Control & Instrumentation Lab, Power Electronics & Drives Lab with sophisticated equipment like dSPACE and Power Quality Analyser are available with the department. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students to learn and innovate.

 Electrical and Electronics engineers are highly employable and can find work in many areas. An Electrical and Electronics engineer designs, develops and maintains the electrical, electronics and computer control system to the required specifications, and focusing on economy, reliability, safety, sustainability and quality. Telecom industries, transportation network, IT industries, airplane & airspace manufacturing industries, production and the distribution of power are some of the specific fields of career development. An Electrical and Electronics engineer can work with the industries deals in product development, control system, system management, product design, sales, consumer’s electronics, transportation, wireless communication, manufacturing, chemical, automotive, defense and space research organizations.

 Interested candidates can also build their career in teaching and research. They can join prestigious institutions for earning Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree and Ph.D degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

 Founded in 2002, the Department of EEE has made rapid strides with the intake of 60, enhanced to 120 after four years. Till now 16 batches of students have graduated. The Department is headed by Dr. N.Ramesh Raju who has 21 years teaching experience & 4 Years Industrial Experience. The Department has competent, committed and well-qualified motivated faculty of 42 members possessing Ph.D and M.Tech. in various specializations.



To become a front-runner in bringing out globally competent electrical and electronics engineers, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs and thereby contribute value to the knowledge-based economy and society.


The primary mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to impart high class education to the students by its three tenets to serve the society:

M1 : Imparting quality technical education for students to develop globally competent technology professionals.

M2 : Collaborating with industry, research organizations and academia to promote creativity and innovation.

M3 : Preparing graduates with positive attitude and ethical values.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are established by giving due consideration to the observations and expectations of the primary stakeholders. PEOs are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the graduates should achieve within three to five years after the year of graduation.

PEO1: Graduates are imparted with basic and advanced knowledge in science, mathematics, computers, electrical; electronics and allied engineering in order to make them capable of analyzing, design and development of solutions for real life problems

PEO2: Graduates become effective collaborators / innovators by addressing social, technical and engineering challenges.

PEO3: Graduates have integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible Engineers.

N. Ramesh Raju
Professor & HOD - EEE Department

Dr. N. Ramesh Raju did Ph.D. in Control Systems from K.L. University, M.Tech. in Instrumentation from IIT Kharagpur and B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation from KITS Warangal. He has 21 years of teaching experience and 4 years of industrial experience in Tata Electric Company, Bombay and Sterelite Industries India Ltd. ( Copper Smelter ) Tuticorin.

His research interests are Optimal Self Tuning of PID and Fractional Order PID Controllers, Applications of Soft Computing Techniques to Control Systems.



A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning


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Electrical Machines Lab


Power Electronics Lab


Control Systems Lab


Power Converters Lab


University Gold Medal in 2018 (Ms. K. Nikitha)

A.P. Prathibha Award in 2018 (Ms. K. Nikitha)