The Academic Council will be solely responsible for all academic matters including framing of academic policy, approval of courses, regulations, syllabi. Academic Council shall propose ways and means to maintain quality norms. The Council will involve faculty at all levels and also experts from outside, including representatives of the institution and the government. The decisions taken by the Academic Council will not be subject to any further ratification by the Academic Council or other statutory bodies of the institution. The decisions of the Academic council are to be placed before the Governing Body for final approval and changes, if any, by its member secretary.

Academic Council Members

S.No Name of the Member Designation/Organization Role in Academic Council
1 Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy Principal Chairman
2 Prof. C. Sivakumar Prasad HOD of CIVIL Member
3 Dr. N. Ramesh Raju HOD of EEE Member
4 Dr. S. Sunil Kumar Reddy HOD of MECH Member
5 Dr. P. Ratna Kamala HOD of ECE Member
6 Dr. B. Geetha Vani HOD of CSE Member
7 Prof. N. Poornima HOD of CSIT Member
8 Dr. B. Madhu HOD of Agri. Member
9 Dr. M. Vani HOD of MBA Member
10 Prof. J. S. Ananda Kumar HOD of MCA Member
11 Dr. B. Muniraja Sekhar HOD of Chemistry Member
12 Dr. M. M. Gopi HOD of English Member
13 Dr. P. Madhu Mohan Reddy HOD of Mathematics Member
14 Prof. B. Hari Krishna HOD of Physics Member
15 Dr. G. Prabhakaran Professor of CIVIL, Dean-Student Affairs Member
16 Prof. A Suresh Assistant Professor of MECH, NSS Programme Officier Member
17 Prof. C. Vijaya Bhaskar Associate Professor of ECE, Controller of Examinations Member
18 Prof. R G. Kumar Associate Professor in CSE Member
19 Mr. N. Sudharshan Reddy Senior General Manager, Nelcast Ltd, Nellore Member
20 Dr. M Janardhana Raju Principal, Siddartha Institute of Science and Technology Member
21 Mr. B. Sreeram Babu Freelance Trainer & Motivational Speaker Member
22 Dr. K. Sudheer Doctor Member
23 Prof. V. Sumalatha Director of Academic & Plannirg, JNT University Anantapur, Ananthapuramu Ex-Officio Member
24 Prof. E. Keshava Reddy Director of Evaluatior, JNT Universlty Anantapur, Ananthapuramu Ex-Officio Member
25 Prof. R. Padma Suvarna Director, Sponsored Research, JNT University Anantapur,Ananthapuramu. Member
26 Dr. E. Kosalendra Associate Professor in ECE Member-Secretary

Academic Council Minutes:

S No Assessment Year Date View
1 2021 - 2022 02-05-2022 Click Here to View
16-08-2021 Click Here to View
2 2020 - 2021 24-09-2020 Click Here to View
21-01-2021 Click Here to View
3 2019 - 2020 04-09-2019 Click Here to View
09-07-2019 Click Here to View
4 2018 - 2019 01-07-2018 Click Here to View
5 2017 - 2018 30-06-2017 Click Here to View
17-03-2018 Click Here to View
6 2016 - 2017 18-07-2016 Click Here to View
02-07-2016 Click Here to View
29-04-2017 Click Here to View